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    Welcome to Blum Media International
  • Welcome to Blum Media International
    Welcome to Blum Media International
  • Welcome to Blum Media International
    Welcome to Blum Media International

About Blum Media

Blum Media International is currently involved in projects in media and social entreprenuership and is an organizer and supporter of international conferences and exhibitions. Annette Blum is a member of the Synergos Global Activists Circle, the Artists and Educators Board at Center Theater Group, The Milken Global Conference, the Clinton Global Initiative and Religions for Peace among others. Recent projects include education, arts and social activism with international venues across the globe.  She collaborates annually with the Jerusalem Season of Culture in Israel promoting coexistence and tolerance and with prominent arts institutions in New York and international conferences in Europe and The Middle East.

We're proud to present the #coverreveal for Art and Activism, a collection of Annette Blum's essays and reportage from the past several years.

The Blum Lab for Developing Economies is part of the global network of Blum Centers for Developing Economies based at the University of California (UC-Berkeley) enabling interdisciplinary problem solving in key areas of energy, health, technology, food, water, health and other challenges to sustainable development.

Blum Media will be attending the following conferences in 2022

Milken Global Conference

Global Conference 2019

Milken Institute Middle East and Africa Summit

17 - 18 Nov 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Milken Institute Middle East and Africa Summit welcomes leaders in business, politics, public health, entertainment, and more. With annual convenings taking place around the world, the summits feature expert discussions on issues both regional and global, with a focus on programs and initiatives dedicated to solving social and economic challenges.

Clinton Global Initiative September 2022 Meeting

September 19-20, 2022


Clinton Global Initiative 2022

This year’s meeting is focused on the theme “The Business of How.” President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton will be joined by leaders from across the public and private sector.


מקודשת Mekudeshet مقدسة

Crowd Fundng Campaign 2022

Dissolving Boundaries by Mekudeshet

Jerusalem Season of Culture 2018

Jerusalem Season of Culture 2019

Jerusalem Season of Culture 2017

Collaboration with Bakehila Jerusalem 

For more information go to


Blum Media International is pleased to be collaborating another year with Creative Time Reports and the Creative Time Summit 2015.
At the invitation of Okwui Enwezor, artistic director of the 56th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, the 2015 Creative Time Summit will participate in the program All the World’s Futures. The Summit is a core program of Creative Time, the innovative experimental arts organization based in New York. This year’s Creative Time Summit will focus its renowned summit on the topic of Curriculum during a lively three-day forum in mid August. In development since summer 2014, this year’s Creative Time Summit has engaged a broad range of thinkers, artists, researchers, and activists in a series of plenary sessions to address what it means to produce, transform, and transmit knowledge across the conflicted terrain of the world today.

In order to build our global community, we are trying something completely new: We’re taking the Summit on the road! The annual Creative Time Summit will be held in New York City every other year, with different cities across the globe hosting in alternate years. We could not be more excited to hit the road this year, landing in Stockholm, Sweden, on November 14-15! We know this leap will be significant, helping us to deepen our international connections and introduce us to new trailblazers working at the intersection of art and social justice.


Religions for Peace announces its 10th World Assembly:


Caring for Our Common Future
“We are a world in pieces. We need to be a world at peace.”[1]
Today’s challenges of violent conflict and extremism, human rights abuses, poverty and threats to the earth are taking place in a spreading crisis of confidence in political and economic institutions. Even the notion of “truth” is being contested and communication is now too often tailored and manipulated for commercial or political gain.
In response, Religions for Peace (RfP) will convene its 10th World Assembly in Lindau, Germany, from 20-23 August 2019. Under the Assembly theme—Caring for our Common Future—some 700 religious representatives— women, men and youth—ranging from senior-most dignitaries to grassroots activists will convene to discern commitments to peace that will serve as a shared foundation for multi-religious action. The religious leaders will be joined by representatives of nation States, the United Nations, foundations and other civil society sectors to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships for action.   
Multi-religious action to resolve violent conflicts, advance inclusive citizenship, promote integral development and protect the earth will lead into the World Assembly and flow out of it with enhanced scale, coordination and partnership.


The relationship between nation States and the world’s religious communities is dynamically in play around the world, with a growing recognition that addressing today’s challenges requires principled partnership among the religious communities and with States. Germany provides a highly positive venue for the World Assembly. The German Government’s agenda, “ Responsibility of the Religions for Peace,” is a timely and promising action-oriented response to the need for collaboration. Dating from the Weimar Constitution 100 years ago, Germany has advanced both a separation of religion and State as well as a dynamic partnership between them for the common good.
RfP is the world’s largest multi-religious organization and operates in 90 countries around the world. The Assembly will elect the new Religions for Peace World Council of 60 religious leaders coming from all continents and major religions. The World Council is a global agent of action with its International Secretariat located in the United Nations Plaza in New York City. The World Council also facilitates coordination among the 6 regional and 90 national RfP affiliates and the related inter-religious networks of youth and women.
[1] United Nations Secretary General Guterres’ Tweet before the 2017 UN General Assembly

Milken Institute Global Conference

"Building Meaningful Lives"

April 30 - May 3, 2017 | Los Angeles

The Global Conference convenes the best minds in the world to tackle the most stubborn challenges. That commitment to the power of ideas has set this event apart for two decades. It is a unique setting in which the individuals with the capital, power and influence to move the world forward meet face-to-face with those whose expertise and creativity are reinventing industry, philanthropy and media.

Pope addresses “Religions for Peace”‎ delegation

(Vatican Radio)  “Religions, with their spiritual and moral resources, have a specific and ‎unique role to play in building ‎peace,” Pope Francis said on Wednesday.  “They cannot be neutral, much less ‎ambiguous, where peace is concerned,” he ‎told a delegation of 80 members of “Religions for Peace”, who met him in the Vatican. 

Religions for Peace is the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious coalition that advances common action among the world’s religious communities to transform violent conflict, advance human development, promote just and harmonious societies, and protect the earth.

Founders Wall Ceremony

Annette Blum and Prof. Ronnie Friedman, HU Vice President for University Advancement and External Relations at the Founders Wall Ceremony at Scopus Campus at Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Televison Interview in Baku

Annette Blum and colleague Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center are interviewed by Kultura Plus TV in Baku, Azerbaijian on their impressions of engaging in the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue.

— at Kultura Plus, Baku

Welcoming the Other The 9th World Assembly of Religions for Peace

Whether you have been following the 9th World Assembly Religions for Peace from the beginning or have just tuned in , you can still participate as if from the beginning.

The online archive of all of the highlights from the 9th World Assembly for Religions for Peace is now online. You can watch video highlights and interviews from the Assembly, read the Vienna Declaration and other materials, read our top stories, and more on our online archive.